A tool for never again miss a stream

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Two sides

The extension

You will never miss a stream again.
A notification displays when the stream starts and you can check who is streaming when you open the popup.

The mini-player

This application displays the livestream in a separate window: totally resizable and can be display always on top.
You can launch the application in standalone to watch Youtube videos, Twitch replays or livestreams.

Chrome/Chromium (Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS)

Firefox (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

stream[on] is planned for Firefox once the Chrome version will be stable.

Opera (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

No mini-player for the moment. To install the extension, you have to get "Download Chrome Extension" in order to install the extension from the Chrome Webstore. A proper version is planned for Opera once the Chrome version will be stable.

Questions & Answers

Is stream[on] free?

Yes, it's totally free. No ad in stream[on].
The source code is available on GitHub or with the developer mode.

Which streaming websites are compatible with stream[on]?


stream[on] needs permissions, why?

The stream[on] extension asks three permissions:
Read and change your data on : To connect your account on Twitch.
Read your history : To open a new tab and check if it is not open.
Display notifications : Display a notification when a stream is on live.
Manage your apps, extensions et themes : To launch the mini-player.

I want stream[on] to work better or with more options. Is it possible?

Yes, you have two possibilities:
Contact me on Twitter or Facebook.
You can develop the module for the wished website and make a pull request on GitHub. The complete list of improvements is available on Github.